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Parenting Coordination | Artemis-Forensic Expert Services Center

Once divorce mediation is complete and the custody and visitation arrangements for children have been made, there will still be various conflicts that... read more

Divorce Mediation | Artemis-Forensic Expert Services Center

For any family, a divorce can be one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome. What was once a happy home can become broken so easily... read more

Immigration Consulting | Artemis-Forensic Expert Services Center

Every day, thousands of immigrants from other countries take their first step onto American soil with the intention of creating a better life for... read more



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In life, various problems arise that an individual cannot solve on their own. It is often said that the most intelligent seek help when needed. There are many rough patches that we all must inevitably go through, whether we choose to or not. It is during those times that it may best to seek professional help. At Artemis-Forensic Expert Services Center, based in San Francisco, and serving the San Jose CA area, you can get the various types of consultation and counseling that you may need to get through a difficult time.

At Artemis-Forensic Expert Services Center, various people from all walks of life come for counseling and guidance on a variety of issues. For those who are having troubles with immigration issues, immigration counseling is offered. Couples going through a difficult divorce can seek divorce mediation, as well. Parents will find a parenting coordinator here to assist them with various issues of parenting.

Whether you are in the middle of a divorce and need divorce mediation or you need immigration consultation, Artemis-Forensic Expert Services Center can be the guide that you need. Don’t be afraid to seek help; it is the first step to moving forward. All it takes is one call to Artemis-Forensic Expert Services Center today to set up your next appointment.