Divorce Mediation

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Divorce Mediation

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For any family, a divorce can be one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome. What was once a happy home can become broken so easily, resulting in hurt and confusion for all parties involved. Children can be especially adversely affected if they are too young to comprehend what is going on. Divorce mediation at Artemis-Forensic Expert Services Center, based in San Francisco, and serving the San Jose CA area, can serve as a means to ease the strife on everyone.

Once a divorce happens and no reconciliation is possible, it is important to pick up the pieces and decide how to move on and take the best steps for the entire family. This will be especially difficult if the former spouses are estranged, or if there were ill deeds that caused the divorce. A divorce mediator at Artemis-Forensic Expert Services Center will closely examine the divorce mediation case, along with the characteristics of both parties to find the best resolution.

Both parties will be hurt. At Artemis-Forensic Expert Services Center, clients are encouraged to use imaginative reasoning to delve into the other person’s psyche, or take a step in the other’s shoes. Consultants promote empathy as one of the most efficient problem-solving methods. This can also help the children, who are often ignored or manipulated during divorce proceedings.

It takes two responsible adults to truly dedicate themselves to divorce mediation, At Artemis-Forensic Expert Services Center, you will be guided through the process with a helping hand. If necessary, a parenting coordinator will also be provided to help both parents be the best adult figures for their children.

If you are facing a divorce or are in the middle of a divorce and feel lost without anyone to rely on, you can feel safe relying on Artemis-Forensic Expert Services Center. Call today to schedule your divorce mediation.