Parenting Coordination

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Parenting Coordination

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Once divorce mediation is complete and the custody and visitation arrangements for children have been made, there will still be various conflicts that both parents must address. With both parents separate, but co-parenting, there may be various concerns that arise with how each parent believes the children should be raised. In addition, if court ordered visitation has been arranged, there must be a figure to enforce the visitation order. That is where a parenting coordinator comes in.

Artemis-Forensic Expert Services Center, based in San Francisco, and serving the San Jose CA area, can provide a parenting coordinator to serve as a mediator and confidante in divorce, custody, and visitation cases. Parenting coordination is used to manage ongoing issues between couples who are engaged in visitation or custody cases.

The parenting coordinator will meet with both parents on a regular basis in person and will receive any complaints or concerns both parties have about the other. The coordinator also advises both parents how to resolve the issue.

A parenting coordinator is given several authorities, such as determining how much time the non-custodial parent has with the child. The parenting coordinator can also decide where the parent can and cannot go with the child and prevent certain topics from being discussed with the child. Also, the coordinator sets rules and boundaries both parents must follow.

Basically, a parenting coordinator serves as the mediator between both parents and makes decisions that two conflicting parties would not be able to make on their own. Parents involved in such a case can seek counsel at Artemis-Forensic Expert Services Center. The proper problem-solving techniques will be put in place for the benefit of the parents and the child.

For the good of your child, it is best to seek a parenting coordinator as soon as possible, so that visitations and co-parenting can run smoothly. Contact Artemis-Forensic Expert Services Center to speak to a parenting coordinator today.